Enchanted Stiltwalkers

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Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Welcome to the magical world of Stilt Walking, here we glide and flow reaching to the skies above. Enchanted Stilt Walkers are a larger than life entertainment extravaganza, and offer a variety of Characters, guaranteed to be both a visual and photographic delight for your special event.

BOGOLON- The Mud People

The BOGOLON roam the earth with their story…………

Like shifting sands of time, they stop to play, pose and freeze to the mirage of your imagination.

They are mysterious intriguing characters and their play is sure to captivate people of all ages.


Come sail the high seas of hijinks and hilarity with Captain Cold Heart, and Fancy Gold Pants, upon Pirate Popperty the magical booty be-deckled boat.

Keep a hawk eye out as the ruthless captain and her jolly, first mate commandeer their kiddie crew, with pirate games and musical mayhem.


This 2to 3piece energetic cocktail of South American flavor is guaranteed to transform any occasion into a paradise of rhythm and colour. An exhilarating journey of light percussion, dance, song and sensuality, allow this extravagant, interactive roving performance to transport your body and soul to the spirit of Rio Carnivale.


These 9ft of stunning starlets provide an interactive, interview style, roving extravaganza of fun and fabulousness.

These bootylicous characters perform cheesy dance routines and spontaneous singing.

So come bask in the delight of this over-the-top duo... full of both of colour and charisma!


Full of attitude and outright `Shhbangles’, Millimeter and Biggie Talls will spice your event up with their gangster `get downess’ and `stylin’ moves.

These slapstick characters provide an interactive, interview style, roving extravaganza of fun and over the top charisma.


Why not celebrate your Christmas this year with these two Sexy Stilt Walking Santa’s. Available Male or Female they are the perfect addition to your Christmas function. Performing as a roving duo, they the ideal photo opportunity. and a great way to remember Xmas

Enchanted Stilt Walkers also have Solo Characters available, including Pirate-Fancy Gold Pants, Tinsel-Xmas Elf Tree, Witch Masquerade and

Jester-Polkadot Pop. Some of these characters also offer balloon modelling!

Enchanted Stilt Walkers have performed at many events including The M2006 Commonwealth Games, Luna Park, The Melbourne Arts Centre, Federation Square and South Bank