Elvis Leaves His Mark

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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Elvis Presley has certainly left his Mark on the world today, being a regular household name and the greatest entertainer of all time, but there were many people who didn't get the chance to see the legend live as he never stepped out of America to perform, and after two decades since his untimely death, a brand new generation as well as the one that experienced it love to relive it. Mark Andrew a Melbourne based performer is very passionate about music, and performing arts, with international experience and regular performances at Crown Casino is Australia's best-acclaimed Elvis Tribute performer. With intricate detail and costume design, Mark recreates the most famous three eras of Elvis' career, the 50's, 60's and 70's. This three-part show will have you spell bound as Mark recreates the magic of the King of Rock. "Two songs into the show, I forgot that it was Mark up there and started to believe it was really Elvis," said one fan. "I cannot believe it is you up there, it's like you really step into his shoes. You have studied him so well." said another fan. Wherever he goes Elvis Leaves His Mark!