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Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in New South Wales

Paul Fenech has always been an Elvis fan. He can clearly remember the first time he heard "Burning Love" in 1972, and it soon became his favourite song. He was only four years old.

Since then Paul has always been referred to as "Elv", and as a teenager would only listen to Elvis records. Friends and family swear he was born 20 years too late.

So it must have been fate that led Paul to first sing as Elvis, to a small live audience.

It was 1997, and Paul was a patron at the 'Elvis Pizzeria' as it was then known in Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney. It's a small restaurant decked out with Elvis memorabilia and packed with Elvis fans who come for the great food, rockin' atmosphere and of course the live Elvis entertainment. On this particular night the Elvis performer was passing the microphone around the audience. After a few people sang a few lines, Paul was given the mic.

With the backing of the live band he proceeded to sing the remainder of the song; when he was finished there was an overwhelming scream for more from the audience. Paul's unrehearsed rendition of an Elvis classic made the regular act look like an amateur!

Some time later Paul returned to the pizzeria and was instantly recognised by the owner and his staff. They asked if he would do a few numbers that evening, and Paul wasn't even singing professionally at that stage! At the end of the show an offer was made to fill in for the regular act for four weeks, but those four weeks never ended. Paul was contracted to perform at the newly renamed "King of Rock N Roll Pizzeria" and has been the resident Elvis ever since.

By 1999, Paul had started to expand the show and today is one of the leading Elvis tribute entertainers in Australia. He has a passion for Elvis; the man, the music, the legend. He says "you have to love the King to be able to do it above and beyond the others. The audience will see straight through you if you treat it as just a job." Whilst Paul is a dedicated and professional entertainer, he often says he'd do it for nothing. "It's my pleasure to see the audience screaming and going crazy" he says. It shows too, as he consistently strives to offer his audience a fresh new perspective that sets his live shows apart from his competitors.

Paul's energetic performances have been seen throughout Australia and overseas. All members of the Elvis Alive show are professional musicians, vocalists and dancers, and his costumes are of the highest quality tailored by B&K Enterprises who made Elvis' original costumes in the 70's! So it's no surprise that the reputation of the Elvis Alive show continues to grow.

If you haven't already, you have to catch one of the most energetic Elvis tribute shows around, Elvis truly is Alive!