Ell Bella Chainsaw Juggler

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Circus available for hire, based in Australian Capital Territory

Ell Bella is now the world's only female chainsaw juggler.

Elena has been performing circus for almost ten years, has performed all over Australia and travelled the world with her acts. She is an accomplished solo performer, but really shines when given the opportunity to work with an ensemble. Her skills lend themselves to group acts including acrobalance, pyramids and group juggling acts.

Elena has performed in a number of ensemble shows over the years. Beginning her career in circus troupe Schmick As she performed in the group’s original circus theatre show in 2006. In 2008 Elena co-founded Le Petite Sideshow, a circus ensemble creating contemporary shows blending circus with sideshow.

Elena performed in a multi-artform theatre show ‘The Blue Marquessa’, a sell-out production which received high praise as a unique original production. Elena performed one of the highlight acts- singing while performing sideshow, as well as character based comedy and acrobalance.

Elena has performed her solo street show in Europe and around Australia for the past three years, as one of the world’s few female street performers.

Elena created her solo show Ell Bella's Late Night Variety Assortment for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011, and will be bringing it back for 2012.