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Circus available for hire, based in Australia wide

Dislocate is Acrobatic Aerial Theatre. The company's success to date had been phenomenal. On the street, in theatres and in the air. Dislocate have spellbound their audiences and inspired their peers, the range and versatility of their productions make Dislocate ideal for any festival or event.

“Quiet on Set!” Roving

“Quiet on Set!” is a comical roving act complete with highly skilled acrobatics, crazy feats with a ladder and plenty of audience participation.

Any one can be a film star, you just need the right director.

The Has Beens

Comedy Double Cloudswing

Juan and Janita have still got it…just!

Be amazed as they perform a highly skilled, routine complete with all the comedy and drama of a very, very, very long partnership.

Street Theatre: the company's unique sense of humour and performance style has excelled on the streets of Spain, Japan, England, Scotland and across the breadth of Australia. The company has four very different street shows currently in repertoire.

Corporate Events: All of our performances have been tailored to suit different events, themes and durations. Dislocate has worked with a huge range of clients tailoring our existing acts or devising new ones to suit.

"The dislocate company involves and astounds. The actor/acrobats reveal extraordinary talents...Part theatre, part circus, a bit of magic…" Francesca Vallongo, Corriere Mercantile Genova, Italy