Dale Sniffen

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Celebrity available for hire, based in Western Australia

Dale has been working as a free lance chef for over 25 years where most of his time was spent as Dial a Chef. It was a industry based service where he personally provided a comprehensive chef service to the restaurants that needed him. From Italian, to Japanese, to modern cuisine, he can do it all at a moments notice because that's how his industry is. Now he presents cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, create recipes and promote top class cookware. Dale has a range of cooking spices that he has been making for 20 years for those who want to taste something a little bit different.

Dale is currently working with the Herdsman developing recipes, hosting their school kids food program and cooking in the store every Monday night from 4 to 7 pm with the possibility of running some cooking classes.

Dale's job is to teach people the simple pleasures in discovering something new in food and cooking. He live's by the rule "one must discover a new food once a week" and a "chef" is only as good as their last dish. . .