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World Music available for hire, based in Victoria

Da Chos (previously Miami Mumbo) is a multicultural collective inspired and founded in Latino culture, its people and its music. The result is a unique fusion of upbeat and energetic sound mixed with traditional instruments and arrangements.

Armed with an explosive horn section, fierce Latin percussion, and captivating rhythm section, Da Chos are a powerhouse of energy that is erupting in the heart of Australian music. Driven by their Latino roots, this eight piece Latin/ska/reggae band is one of the most popular and professional unsigned bands in the Australian music scene. A solid reputation as one of the best live acts on the circuit is emerging and audience become enticed by their contagious songs.

Through a high-energy live performance, Da Chos fuses an electric mix of Latin, Reggae, Ska grooves, with a blend of Hip-Hop ensuring that punters will keep on dancing all night long.

This revolutionary formula of music is Da Chos.

Jorge Chaparro – Guitar, vocals

Maurice Chaparro – Percussion, vocals.

Henry Chaparro – Lead vocalist, bass.

Liam Mc Gorry – Trumpet

Javier Ruiz – Percussion

Felipe Ruiz – Percussion

Olaf Scott – Keys

Steve Forss - Drums

Music Samples

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