Contortionist - Ruby Rubberlegs

Contortionist - Ruby Rubberlegs-1

Circus available for hire, based in Victoria

Rani Huszar (Ruby Rubberlegs) has mesmerized audiences for the last 13 years in over 13 different countries.

Be amazed, bemused, confused, and enthralled as Miss Ruby Rubberlegs, entrances you with her comical, seductive tango dance with a life size puppet called Romeo Romero Mario.


A master of body manipulation, Ruby Rubberlegs presents a delightfully daring contortion routine, bending, folding, twisting and dislocating manipulating her entire body into a tiny see through box which she calls her New York apartment.

You won't beleive it until you see it, and when you see it you still won't beleive it!