Cloudswing; Nightout - Annabel Carberry

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Circus available for hire, based in Victoria

Nightout – A dizzying display of delightfully difficult death defying drops…in heels! Suspended high in the air on a loop of rope Annabel attempts the ridiculously silly and awkwardly ambitious feat of getting dressed for a night out, up in the air – yes stockings and all. Annabel twists, turns, and drops with grace and skill, if only she could just get her foot in that shoe… The final success of the dress is just then beginning, then she has to attempt to swing in the air and perform dangerous stunts with floor length skirt and high heels…hmm this could be tricky. This humorous take on highly impractical clothing is executed with finesse; a graceful and sexy style is constantly interspersed with ridiculously awkward moments. Highly entertaining! Annabel has been performing cloudswing for over 10 years. This exciting new act had a fantastic debut at Cabaret vertigo, and Annabel is now on the look out for the next date…