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Cover Band available for hire, based in South Australia

Chunky Custard is one of Australia's most successful show bands. The band has been entertaining audiences of all ages for more than twelve years. Major special events, business events, clubs, corporate functions and festivals all over Australia have taken advantage of the acts wide appeal.

Chunky Custard is known for their user friendly qualities which are guaranteed to liven up audiences of all ages and walks of life - with many remembering the event when other nights are long forgotten.

Chunky Custard has performed live over the years to more than one million people. Their TV, Radio and Press coverage has reached more than four million people Australia wide. Chunky Custard have also supported International acts such as BONEY M and the VILLAGE PEOPLE. The band appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Some Chunky Characters Include:

* John Revolting

* Olivia Neutron Bomb

* Neil Dimeadozen

* John Paul Wellhung

* Billy Icehole

* Mr..Mambo

* Fruit Loaf

* Village Idiots

* Patrick Swaybar

* Wanker Man

* Mods is a Centrefold

* Punce (Prince)

* Kevin Mullet

* Madonga

* Tina Fitter and Turn Her