Chrome - Pink Fit

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Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in New South Wales

Men and women alike melt like snow as these charming crooners’ bear their heart and soul in a musical extravaganza to set even the coldest heart alight! Chrome tackles the age old emotion that makes the world go round, LOVE! Jump on this hilarious roller coaster ride of musical mayhem which pays homage to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

LOVE is the answer and Pink Fit will leave you in no doubt to the Goddess they worship. With their lips pursed, their arms outstretched they will embrace a thousand people and afterwards still crave more, leaving behind trails of blushing women. Pink Fit is an interactive trio who are dizzy on love. They will give unsolicited advice on just about anything; no subject is taboo, even your choice of partner! Thousands of love seekers around the world have benefited from their advice. Pink Fit is the perfect choice for Christmas Party Entertainment, they will delight with their mistletoe antics and upon request will compose a special caroling performance which will leave audiences’ in hysterics. CHROMES’ recent international engagements have been at the World Expo 2005 (Japan), The Cheongyecheon Restoration Festival and The Midsummer Nights Dream UNICEF Fundraiser on New Years Eve (Korea).