Centurian Soldier

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Cover Band available for hire, based in Queensland

Centurion Soldier formed in 2007 as a covers duo. Original members Isaac Frankham and Daniel Clark hold together Vocals, Guitar and Bass. The inclusion of drummer Morgan Douglass in mid 2008 has allowed Centurion Soldier the diversity to evolve into a musical unit capable of getting the dance floor packed or chilling out on a Sunday afternoon session. Centurion Soldiers performs well known classics and the latest hits in our unique style, along with our own originals to engage the listener in each performance.

Bass Player Isaac Frankham has performed in front of audiences of up to 14000 and has completed a bachelor in contemporary music at southern cross university. This has helped provide centurion soldier with a solid musical backbone. Influences from the 70's funk era merging with more modern rock and dance influences, produce a bass groove that gets the dance floor jumping. It would be nothing however, if it weren't for the rock solid drums from Morgan Douglass.

Morgan has played drums for over fifteen years, taking part in multiple Australian and new Zealand tours and supported major acts such as Sunk Loto. Influences are varied and range dynamically in both volume and style. One thing is certain though, and that is the constant train like power that is the rhythm section behind centurion soldier.

Daniel Clark provides the harmonic icing on this rhythm cake. Daniel's guitar playing pulls inspiration from The Red Hot Chill Peppers, Kings of Leon and Incubus, to name a few. Noted as a player who plays on the back of the beat, he performs with soul and space letting each note cut through into the atmosphere.

Vocally both Isaac Frankham and Daniel Clark take charge to provide tonal diversity. Harmonies and doubled vocal lines often leave the listener wondering how such a big sound can be achieved from the three piece format.

Centurian Soldier are based in Byron Bay, and are available for events in Byron Bay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.