Caught In the Act

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Circus available for hire, based in Victoria

A spectacular new film noir inspired acrobatic cabaret performance from seasoned performance duo ConcentricCircus.

“When a meeting of strangers unfurls into an acrobatic suspense.

Where desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Full of fateful encounters, twists and turns, danger and intrigue, ConcentricCircus will take you to a place where everything and nothing is black and white.

This act has been performed throughout Australia and travelled the globe since 2012.

ConcentricCircus are a recent fusion of two highly experienced and talented circus performers. Callan Morgan and Rockie Stone each bring 10 years of performance experience (C!RCA, Circus Oz, European Juggling Convention, Out of the Box Festival, Brisbane River Festival, WA Circus Festival, Tasmanian Circus Festival, Crown Casino, BMW Mini, Grand Prix Melbourne, Moomba Festival) together to create new, highly skilled and entertaining acrobatics acts. Other acts available.

Rockie Stone is an Australian circus performer with a drive to create art with her body. She has a versatility enabling her to create work in a variety of forms and settings. Specializing in Acrobatics/Adagio, Tower of Chairs, and Aerials (rope, tissue, trapeze, couldswing, pole), Rockie has a background in dance and has being treading the boards since she was three. She has over 10 years of professional experience touring throughout the world both as a freelance artist and as core ensemble members of companies such as Circus Oz and C!RCA. Rockie has appeared across America, Mexico, UK, Italy, France, Poland, China, Hong Kong and throughout Australia.

Rockie is known for her strength, agility, unique performance style and compelling stage presence.

Callan Morgan, also a Melbourne based artist and performer, specializes in Acrobatics/Adagio, Fire, Juggling, Hat manipulation and Character work. Beginning as a fire performer and juggler, with a background in gymnastics he has steadily progressed to include acrobatics and hats in his repertoire. With over 10 years performance experience Callan is well known for his charismatic performance style and warm stage presence. He has performed at festivals and events in Europe, America and Australia and is owner and director of Concentrate Circus Equipment and Performance.