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Circus available for hire, based in Victoria

Captain Frodo has been performing in freakshows, sideshows and circuses on four different continents for more than a decade. Most recently he has been performing with Australia’s The Happy Sideshow and Circus Oz. He also has extensive experience performing for television and has been seen on Rove Live, 110% Tony Squire, Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia, The Arts Show (ABC), Don’t Try This At Home (UK), UK Raw (Channel 4, UK).


Born in Norway, the son of the Norwegian Magician The Great Santini, Captain Frodo has been performing on stages since he was 8 years old. He began as an assistant in his father’s magic show and has since become a solo performer, sideshow artist and circus performer around the globe.

Captain Frodo was born double-jointed which means he can bend, contort and even dislocate most parts of his anatomy into rude and amusing shapes.


• “Wicked comedy!” (The Guardian, London, UK)

• “Faintly nauseating but irresistibly impressive” (The Times, London, UK)

• “This bendy clown is surely the Tommy Cooper of contortion, and gets himself into such a tangle of arms, legs and other body parts I thought he must eventually disappear up his own finale” (What’s On, London, UK)

• “Captain Frodo’s impeccable comic timing and wacky physical humour is evident every moment he is on stage. His incredible Rubberman routine is polished and perfected” (The Age, Melbourne.)



Captain Frodo the Incredible Rubberman attempts to squeeze his entire hyper-elastic body through the heads of two unstrung tennis racquets. On the journey through the racquets he encounters major obstacles hindering him. The microphone stand comes to life and challenges him and his rubber arms take on a life of their own. A battle followed by a triumphant success.

Duration: 5-15 min. (This is one of those rare routines where the longest version has the most impact and is the most funny.)


Slowly the physically remarkable Rubberman stacks a dust bin then a 15 gallon drum then a paint tin then a few more assorted tins until the top one is a little bean can. Once at the top he sits down, rests and maybe tells a few words of wisdom before proceeding to precariously lift one leg at a time, carefully placing them behind his head. He then lets go with his hands and the tension is palpable as the Captain balances on top of a three metre high stack of cans.

A visually stunning and surprising balancing act

Duration: 4-6 min


Not many things in the sideshow world are as amazing as seeing a man insert a stainless steel sword slowly down his throat and all the way into his stomach.

The act starts with a brief introduction of the long training process involved. Then you get to marvel as Captain Frodo swallows a steel rod and even a sharp curved Samurai sword.

A visceral and extreme act, wrapped in a way that makes you laugh.

Duration: 4-5min


Due to the Incredible Rubberman’s hyperelastic ligaments he is able to painlessly dislocate his shoulders. This is the key ingredient in escaping from the most challenging restraint known to man, the straight jacket. After a quick demonstration of his double jointed peculiarities Captain Frodo takes on the challenge of being strapped up in the straight jacket and has a 6m chain and a few padlocks lock him down.

This routine does involve the assistance of one audience member on stage.

This act is the ultimate test of the Rubberman’s flexibility.

Duration: 10min


Here the audience is invited into the intriguing story of how Captain Frodo became a performer, to the accompaniment of the musical saw. Hear tales of growing up in Norway as the son of a magician then hear and see the thing that his father disliked the most, Sword Swallowing. The saw is replaced with a sword and the audience is astounded as they see this extraordinary stunt live.

Duration: 5-6 min.


1. A beer barrel gets lifted from a flesh clamp attached to the Incredible Rubberman’s chest. This highly remarkable feat of strength and endurance is passed down to the Captain from the sensational Scandinavian muscle man Rasmus Nielsen, the master of the way of the Berserker.

Duration: 3min

2. A nail is hammered through the Captain’s tongue. A butcher’s hook is then inserted through the hole and he slowly lifts a stainless steel metal bin off the ground. Here the pain threshold is pushed to the limit and through the energy of the audience, something unbelievable is made to happen.

Duration: 2min.


These acts all stand alone. A longer performance can be created however, that includes several acts. This could vary in length from 5-30mins.

Any selection of these acts can be performed throughout an evening or event

Acts can also be tailored for the family audience if needed.