Buzz Stilt Walkers

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Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in New South Wales

Empress Stiltdance is an international performance company who have performed in over 15 different countries and employ more than 40 performers worldwide.

With home base in Wellington, New Zealand and branches in Amsterdam (Neth.), Melbourne and Perth (Aust.)Empress performs unique, feminine and colourful acts at more than 150 events every year.

With a wide range of stilt roving acts (up to 12 to choose from) Empress also creates indoor aerial shows (Buzz), outdoor large scale shows (Kahuku) and designs for stadium opening ceremonies. Empress also custom designs shows to suit individual events.


A fantasy garden installation and aerial tissue show.- Indoor show. Comedy story about a Bug, a Bumble Bee and a Flower with a Giant Mantis character for daytime roving.