New Zealand

Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in Victoria


(Up to 60 flowers & vines available.)

Filling the atrium with larger-than-life neon hanging flowers and an original ambient soundtrack full of bird and forest sounds, the space becomes a fantastical tropical forest. The venue becomes a magical, imaginative space to chill out in and enjoy.


(Roving stilt and ground characters.)

During the day the forest is inhabited by colorful creatures on stilts and on the ground. Some of those characters are; A Giant Mantis, Stilt Flowers, a Frog, a Bumble Bee...

These characters interact gently with the public and bring the

garden to life.


(20 minute evening aerial shows-15m height needed.)

The Bug, the Bee and the Begonia play out their ‘day-in-the -

life-of’. Deep in the heart of the forest their story has all the

symptoms of a love triangle. Involving breathtaking aerial

dance and stilts.

BUZZ is a spectacular and exciting show for kids and adults alike.