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Feature Act available for hire, based in New South Wales

Brad Blaze the speed painter is the fastest painter in the world. Sure, his unique shows demonstrate his talent, but they are a lot more....they are entertaining.

He has enthralled audiences by performing to high profile companies across Asia, The United States and Australia. It is an awe-inspiring sight as he paints large portraits of iconic people, celebrities, CEOs as well as products and logos in around three to six minutes, combined with high energy music.

With lightning fast brush strokes on a spinning canvas, he keeps the audience guessing as to who or what he is painting, only revealing the subject in the final breathtaking moments.

What really sets Brad’s shows apart from other entertainment is the comedy audience involvement. Willing audience guests may find themselves on stage mimicking Elvis dance moves, answering trivia on an iconic person or moving like Michael Jackson. With his outgoing personality, Brad ensures that it’s good, clean and fun.

When you want your message to really stand out, Brad has uniquely combined magic with his speed painting. A flash of fire can amazingly reveal a company logo and a magician’s illusion can bring a painting to life.

Brad has performed around the world performing at high profile corporate events – from painting Formula 1 drivers and CEO’s in Asia, launching pharmaceutical products in the United States to wowing audiences at glitzy charity dinners in Australia.

From corporate engagements, to special events, to private fundraisers, Brad Blaze is entertainment at its best!

"Unlike all the other acts we have seen so many times before." Red Symons, Australia's Got Talent