Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in South Australia

Exciting acrobatic roving entertainment. Skilled circus performers in crazy inflatable balls & car tyre tubes, the Slack Taxi Acrobatic Bouncers are a regular hit at major Australian & international festivals and a favorite as corporate event entertainment.

The Acrobatic Bouncers have toured Arts and Rock Music Festivals, as well as major sporting events in Europe, Singapore and Japan & throughout Australia.

As the Bouncers, Slack Taxi acrobats showcase their outrageous humour, circus skills, and sheer energy. Amazed audiences of all ages love them!

The Acrobatic Bouncers perform dynamic and controlled acrobatic stunts: headstands, handstands, flips, bouncing off the ground and each other; they create fun characters and carefully interact with audiences.

Able to adapt to almost any environment, the Acrobatic Bouncers are suitable for indoors and out, in small and large spaces.