Cover Band available for hire, based in New South Wales

Blending choice hits with spotlights on artists, picks of the hottest tunes, and medley mixes that take your breath away, Atomics shows cover a fair amount of ground, and aims to bring the finest music to the ears of, well, as many people as possible. Atomic are a fabulous Sydney cover band who will create a special energy at your event.


With creative partners-in-crime Jon Elms and Georgia Lyons, the rhythm section pump out hit after hit to keep the dancefloor full all night. Atomic: Picking up where other bands stop.

Georgia Lyon - Lead Vocals

Accounts by day, diva by night, bubbly like Bollinger - take her as you might! Georgia is a vocal powerhouse with years of experience. Her extensive career has seen Georgia travel Australia-wide, covering all areas of vocal performance. From a Top 10 finalist in the prestigious 'Starmaker Awards', to completing a Bachelor of Music, Georgia has secured a position as one of the most in-demand vocalists performing today.

Jon Elms – Lead Vocals

With two hit singles under his belt, Jon Elms walked away from a fledgling career in New Zealand to pursue fun and fortune in the big city. After fronting several successful cover bands, Jon has performed in line ups from clubs to corporate events that leave audiences spellbound every time. Jon co-wrote, sang and produced the NZ hit single 'Nervous about the World' which received much mainstream radio airplay, being a first for an unsigned NZ artist. His success coupled with a natural talent for writing songs saw Jon receive a New Zealand on Air recording grant for his next single 'More than Love', this time at Sing Sing Recording Studios & 301 Sydney. Jon’s voice and music has already attracted major label interest in America with a request being made for more of his material.

James Barr – Keys/Programming

Oh James! What can't this man do? Well-known in the Australian Music Industry, James is a multi-talented maestro. As well as being Atomic's Musical Director, he performs on keyboard, guitar, and produces live sound. Since 1991, his extensive performance and recording career has seen James perform in a multitude of venues and exotic locations internationally, from TV appearances to supporting big name artists.

Damian De-Boos Smith - Guitar

A Sydney boy born and bred, Damian's powerhouse guitar performances are well-known in the industry. A little-known fact is that Damian is also an accomplished cellist! Just a few of his many other talents include professional composer and film scorer. Versatility is the key-word for Damian, the guitarist for musicals Grease, Ben Elton’s 'We Will Rock You' and the Lion King. Damian is an award winning musician for film scoring and in 2001 he won the Tropfest Award - 'Best Original Score' for the film ‘Playin' Hard to Get’ with Giant Steps.

Chris Targett - Drums

Chris “Metro” Targett graduated with full honours at age 15 from kindergarten. After spending some time knitting woolly jumpers, Chris graduated from the Trinity College of Music (London). A tightrope specialist of drums, Chris’ talents lie in the art of using balancing poles whilst creating incredible drum solos (he may even perform without a safety net for effect). Chris has jetsetted formerly with ‘Hip Fidelity’ to Indonesia and Christmas Island and with his own band ‘Voodoo Groove’ to Japan. Chris was Kim Wilde’s guest drummer at the recent Australian Music Awards.

"We’d heard such great things about Atomic, that we chose them as our final act at this year’s RSVP Party After Dark. These guys are amazing and kept the dance floor full for the entire event – people were still there when the lights came on! If you want a fun, energetic, and lively band – then these guys are it!" Cory Watson, Show Manger; RSVP Sydney & Melbourne

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