Knife Swallower and Snake Charmer - Andrew Elliot

Knife Swallower and Snake Charmer - Andrew Elliot-1

Feature Act available for hire, based in New South Wales

Born in Australia of Sri Lankan, Tamil and British descent, in 1978 Andrew, at the age of 17, travelled to India, where he spent two years in remote villages learning the traditional skills and feats of the Indian fakirs. Fakirs are Indian magicians, said to have supernatural powers, and able to do wild physical feats that defy the maxims of Western science. These include charming deadly snakes in large baskets with the use of musical instruments, sword swallowing, lying near-naked on a bed of sharp nails without incurring any injuries, levitation and the infamous Indian rope trick.Over the last 28 years Andrew has maintained a very special relationship with a group of gypsy magicians in northern India known as Madari. They are a group of nameless performers who have travelled the county performing in village market places, festivals and tourist towns for hundreds of years. of gypsy magicians in northern India known as Madari. They are a group of nameless performers hundreds of years.

Through his experiences living, performing and travelling with these performers Andrew has developed a charming, witty and entertaining character named Jardu. Jardu in hindi literally means " Magic". Andrew Elliott is Jardu the magic of India. From his experiences, Andrew has created a unique performance which includes astounding magic, sword-swallowing and an original snake charming routine. Either on stage or as a street entertainer, festival-goers flock to his colourful and energetic show of intrigue, suspense, mystique and comedy. Andrew’s wit and charm encourages audience participation and involvement in a show which has consistently thrilled and mystified a variety of audiences around the world.

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