Music Theatre Australia engages Australian acts rather than individual artists. If you have an act that would like to perform at special events, please email us the information listed below. If there's interest in your kind of act, one of our scouts may come out and see you in action. Please note that while we often send Australian acts overseas, currently we do not represent acts from outside Australia.

Please send us an email containing the following:

  1. The name of your act
  2. Full contact details (Name, address, email, phone numbers, etc.)
  3. A short description of it (40-80 words)
  4. A longer description (100-500 words)
  5. Some promotional photos
  6. Your various line-ups (e.g. for bands 3 piece, 5 piece etc.)
  7. As appropriate some demo audio (up to 2mb per file) or video (up to 10mb per file).  Video footage should not have your direct contact details on it.  Please note:  Artist footage will be uploaded onto the MTA YouTube page, which then embeds on the MTA website.
  8. A Price List
  9. Whether you can supply production for your act and how many people it's suitable for, and what production it is ie lighting, pa, mics, etc.
  10. Whether you charge extra for production.
  11. References!
  12. Where and when can we see you in action?

Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..